All about my style

Photography, for me, is all about capturing the beauty of life through spontaneous moments and genuine emotion.

I have a passion for capturing natural light and photographing real life, as it happens. Be it the last golden rays of sun illuminating a mountain, a surprising moment on an Italian piazza or a friend's happy smile.


Conversations, interactions, love, laughter and just being together, these are the things we'll remember. It doesn't matter if we're busy traveling the world or happily pottering about at home. Whatever we're experiencing and wherever we're experiencing it, our lives are made up of countless small, in-between moments, and more often than not, it's these tiny precious gems that becomes our most treasured memories. And it's these gems I strive to document.

My work is genuine and intuitive. Therefore, imperfect and real. There’s beauty there,I promise, but if you’re wanting perfectly posed images, I’m not your girl. My goal is to let real happen,and my work includes,and even celebrates,imperfections.

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